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Divest DTU is an organization of DTU students and employees organising to stop DTUs business with the fossil fuel industry. As we are now in a state of climate emergency, the first step for everyone must be to stop the cause of the emergency, that is, the fossil fuel industry. But instead of taking emergency action, DTU has chosen to continue their business with the fossil fuel industry. We're a group of ordinary students and employees, that are fighting to correct this mistake.

Just as the tobacco industry can't be trusted to end lung cancer, the fossil industry can't be trusted to stop climate collapse. Neither will green slogans or challenges be any defence against the droughts, floods and death brought on us by the fossil fuel industry. As engineers we realise real action must be taken.

Only when DTU is freed from the financial ties with Big Oil can the crisis be addressed honestly. We have a plan to restore the integrity of DTU and stop the cause of the climate crisis right where we work and study.

Join the struggle

Divest DTU organises protest actions, campaigning and participates in climate events off campus. We frequently have dinner and lunch together and do everything with a healthy amout of humour. Join our group chat to learn more about the group and get involved. All welcome:

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